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Missed extremely by one and all, Sekar was truly a "beautiful human being". Softspoken and easy to get along with, he did his utmost to be useful to his friends & family..

An initiative by Keerthi, in memory of Sekar. This is her way of giving back to society.

Raghu followed a year ago
An initiative by Keerthi Sekar who sees friends in acute financial distress and in need of moral support in the aftermath of losing a loved one, Condolences with Concern spreads short messages about the dear departed and how to support... (More)
Keerthi liked a year ago
Shekar Anna is such a great human and a very humorous person by nature. He did his best of capacities to many and still with us. (Periava) His family is still his greatest assets created. My support to Rudraksh and... (More)
Raghu liked a year ago
Wow Akka. This is such a thoughtful initiative especially in these times of Covid. People like you who has undergone the situation are the right people to empathise and contribute to society. More power to you. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ€—
Stay strong Keerthi .